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Visit to Secrets Akumal- July 2016

Posted: July 20 2016
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We visited Secrets Akumal on a day pass. Secrets Akumal is a little over an hour away from the Cancun International Airport. It is located in the heart of Riviera Maya. We arrived at the resort around 11:00am and were greeted with a “Welcome Home”, which was so inviting.

This resort is an all-inclusive, adults-only property. The atmosphere at Secrets Akumal is very laid back and calming. As we walked around the resort, we felt very relaxed and the surrounding greenery was very peaceful. This resort has three beautiful pools, which are spread out through the property. The oceanfront infinity pool was awesome and provided stunning views while sipping on a beverage.

Secrets Akumal didn’t seem overly crowded at this time of year. It was very easy to find a lounge chair around the pool and on the beach. The only place that was somewhat crowded was the infinity pool, where a game of pool basketball was taking place. The resort had plenty of activities going on throughout the day. We saw water aerobics, beach volleyball, and snorkeling. Akumal means “place of the turtles” in Mayan and Secrets Akumal is known for its green sea turtle population located right off the beach. The resort offers free snorkeling gear that you can grab and head out to swim with the turtles. We weren’t able to enjoy this activity when we were there because there was a storm off in the distance so the snorkeling hut was closed.

The beach at Secrets Akumal is really pretty. The sand is white and soft and the ocean is a turquoise blue. There are plenty of umbrellas, beach chairs, and cabanas available for you to relax in or out of the sun. We took full advantage of the empty cabanas, which were super comfortable. I really enjoyed how spacious the entire property was. People weren’t right next to each other and there was room for everyone to have their own space.

The food at Secrets Akumal was very good. We ate lunch at the Oceanside Grill and grabbed a snack at the Coco Café. The staff are all accommodating and provide exceptional service. Every drink or snack we ordered arrived quickly and without error.

Secrets Akumal is a great place for couples, honeymooners, and people who are looking to have a good time but in a quieter setting. You won’t be bored if you stay here since there is always something going on. You also won’t be overwhelmed by loud music or guests who have had too much to drink because it isn’t a high volume, party resort. Secrets Akumal was a wonderful property and I will definitely be returning in the future.

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