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2011 Sandals/Beaches STAR Awards-December 2011-Day 2

Posted: December 09 2011
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Amy & Amanda's morning started off with a delicious buffet breakfast at the Bayside Restaurant at Sandals Grande Riviera. The restaurant had an omlette making station, bacon, cereals, various assortments of fresh fruits and cheeses, fruit juices, etc. We sat outside on the patio that overlooked the manor pool.

The weather in Jamaica today was absolutely gorgeous. With no clouds in the sky and a temperature in the high 80's, the pool on the Manor Side of Sandals Grande Riviera was the place to be. The Sandals Event Coordinators, also known as the Sandals Play Makers, were busy entertaining and getting the guests at the pool involved in the many games that were taking place. A few examples of these games are:

Pictionary on the pool deck- A person would have to give hints and clues to their partner non verbally until they guessed the correct word that was on the card.

Fisher Price- A person sits in a chair approximately 5 feet away from a rum bottle and has to use a fishing pole like stick to get the metal ring around the rum bottle in the fastest amount of time.

Name That Song- People were given clips of songs and had to guess the correct name and artist of each song.

For lunch we ordered brick oven pizza that was delivered poolside from our second butler, Marven. The lunch menu is great for finding something that will "hit the spot" until it is time for dinner.

When the sun went down, many people moved inside to the Polo Lounge,  a small bar/seating area overlooking the manor pool while others stayed for the entertainment that was being held at the pool.

Tonight a Cocktail Party and dinner will be held at the Riviera Side of the resort. That is all for now! Stay tuned to hear more about this All Inclusive Luxury Resort!