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The Isaac’s

Adventures by Disney – Day 5 – Drive to Tuscany, Orvieto, and Wine Tasting & Dinner

Posted: May 29 2014
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We met at 8am to drive to Tuscany.  Our bags had to be out of the door at 7am.  We headed to the Tuscan countryside.  We were driven in a luxury Mercedes Coach bus.  When we got underway, we had another magical moment.  Everyone had a card with our name on it.  When we opened it, it had pictures.  2 of them are Ardan & I and the other was a group picture.  By the way, both guides are constantly taking pictures.  When we return, we will get a link to all the pictures. 

Our first stop was Orvieto, which was about an hour drive.  This city was on built on a tall mountain.   We went up a funicular, which is a car on steep rail tracks.  It is a small city.  We started with a short walking tour and the we had 1 1/2 free time to explore the city.  Ardan & I climbed the steps of the bell tower (300+).  The view was amazing.  We were up there on the quarter hour, so the bell rang, which was loud. Orvieto is known for its ceramics.  Many of the stores will ship to the US or Canada.  The shipping is free if you spend a certain amount (around 300 Euro) or the cost is 50-70 Euro.  There is also a shop that has truffles (rare mushrooms) and things made from truffles.  Before we left we had another magical moment.  They gave us Disney's version of truffles-chocolate truffles. 

Then we got back on the bus to go to lunch.  Lunch was on a beautiful villa.   We had salad with fresh tomatoes, lasagna, pasta with tomato sauce, pork sausage, beef, and chicken.  The villa also had a pool which the kids enjoyed.  They served us local wine and we had a chance to relax for about 45 min after lunch. 

We got back on the bus and headed towards Florence.  It was a 2 1/2 hour drive.  They played a Disney Movie with Lizzy McGuire.  The movie location was in Rome, so we were able to recognize many of the places that we just saw.  By the way, the bus also has wifi, so we were able to go online while traveling around.  During the journey the guides told stories and told us the history of places that we are seeing. 

We arrived at Hotel Borgo di Cortefreda in the Florence countryside.  It sits on a hill with a great view.  We were welcomed with a welcome drink and snacks and then were given our room keys.  The rooms are nice with ceramic floors and a lot of room.  We are on the first floor, Room 109.  We have 2 double beds, a pullout sofa, a small tv, and plenty of storage space.  The bathroom is large with a tub/shower, single vanity, toilet, and a bidet.  Our luggage arrived within 10 min.  The hotel has a nice pool on the hill.  It is an infinity pool with great views.

We met at 7pm.  The guides took the junior adventures to have their own fun.  They played lawn games, had soda tasting, had dinner, and watched a movie, Enchanted.   The adults went to the restaurant for wine tasting.  Max led us through the wine tasting.  He was very energetic and made it fun. We also tasted jam, honey, bread, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.   Dinner was great.  We started with spinach & cheese ravioli, penne with cream, sundried tomatoes, & pine nuts.   Then they served roasted pork, spinach, and roast beef with mushrooms and potatoes.  The food was very good and the conversation was great.  The wine was flowing and they brought limecello and grappa. 

Tomorrow we learn how to make pasta. Stayed tuned for more and as always please contact your dream agent with any questions and to reserve your dream vacation.