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Azul Sensatori Jamaica - Mike McHugh - Day 3

Posted: March 26 2014
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We ate at Palms again for breakfast.  We could also get breakfast in our room from room service.  They have a 24 hour room service menu and there are a number of things on the menu for breakfast.  They have fruit, oatmeal, whole grain or white toast, waffle, French toast, pancakes, bagel with salmon, omelet, scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, and ackee & salt fish.  For lunch and dinner they have Caesar salad, spinach salad, capresse salad, fusilli pasta, tuna salad sandwich, beef baguette, crispy chicken burrito, club sandwich, cheese burger, chocolate brownie, and cheese cake. 

After breakfast, we headed to Beaches Negril for the day.  Beaches Negril is only a few minutes down the road from Azul Sensatori.  Beaches Negril is on the same great beach in  Negril.  When we arrived, the kids headed right to the waterpark.  They love the lazy river and the 2 waterslides.  To use the waterslide you have to be at least 42” tall.  While they played, I took pictures of the resort. 
For lunch we had pizza at Dino’s Pizzeria.  The pizza is made in a brick oven and is very crispy and tasty.  I had peperoni and Karlin had cheese pizza.  Right next to Dinos they have a mini-zip line set up.  The kids can get strapped into the harness and take a short zip line between trees.  It is fun and gives them an idea what it would be like to do the zipline tour.  We did not do the zip line tour this vacation, but we did last year.  It was a lot of fun.  My daughter Karlin, was trying to talk Ardan into ziplining.  He is 9 and didn’t want to try it.  However, after doing the mini-zip line, he loved it.  For tours, we always recommend Island Routes as they are professional, safe and fun. 

I walked the beach and was able to meet a client who is staying at Beaches Negril.  They were having a great time.  I also saw our favorite butler, Conrad.  He was glad to see the kids and even got my favorite drink, Guinness.  He is awesome and butler service is incredible, we highly recommend it.

The kids always like to visit the gym and use the treadmill and step machines.  Beaches has a very nice gym.  One room is cardio and the other is strength training.  The rooms were very nice, clean, and air conditioned.  While they worked out,  I sat in the hot tub and read.  The gym also has locker rooms with showers.

Later we ate at the BBQ grill.  They have jerk chicken, cheese burgers, chicken nuggets, ribs, pulled pork, and other BBQ items. 
We returned  to Azul Sensatori Jamaica around 5 pm.  Even though it was a little after 5pm and Oceans Gourmet closes at 5pm, they made us Jerk Chicken.  The Jerk Chicken is very good.
We swam in the pool and then the ocean before getting ready for dinner.  We ate at Garfield’s again.  The food was very good and since we ate there the night before, we knew exactly what we wanted.  Karlin loved the Pumpkin and pea soup so much that she ordered 2 bowls. 

They rotate the nights that the restaurants are open depending on the occupancy.  They give you a schedule so that you know when the restaurants are going to be open. 
After dinner, we went to the show.  They had a drum and fire show.  Before the show, they had a name that tune game.  They would play a song and people would shout out the name of the band and song.  The show started with 4 piece band—3 drummers and a woman with maracas.    They were called the African Decedents.  They played a number of songs and it was very good.  Then they introduced the firedancer.  He had two torches.  He danced with them and touched the torches to his feet, hands, and then ate the fire.  He also blew fireballs.  The stage is next to the main pool and the kids played in the pool and watched the show from the pool.

Tomorrow I will be doing a site inspection of the resort including seeing a number of room categories.  Thanks for reading and please contact your dream agent with any questions and to reserve your fun in the sun.