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Brad and Carrie, Texas

Bluefield Villas - Day 3

Posted: August 14 2013
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Our workation has been as we have expected, outstanding.  There are activities and amenities here that set it apart from the rest.  As we had mentioned earlier, Nanny service is included and Nalicka has been excellent with our kids, namely our 5 year old son.  She has given us an extra pair of hands that has enabled each of our kids to participate in their choice of activities.

Special features/activities at Bluefield Bay Villas include some of the

High speed, wireless Internet in each villa at no additional charge.
Believe it or not, it is as good at the service that we have at home.  Not everyone needs Internet on vacation but we do and it has been amazing.  Our kids have also enjoyed sharing their pics with friends and on Instagram so have also appreciated having this.

Spa Services:  Although not included, they offer a variety of spa services to their guests including massages, scrubs, facials and basic nail services.
The therapists will come to your villa or possibly work in the gazebo depending on occupancies. The pricing is extremely reasonable, cheaper than almost every other spa that I have been to.  Due to that, I enjoyed 2 incredible massages and allowed our daughters to get one as well.  I even had a Hot Stone Massage today and loved it.  Ask for Veneisha (sp?) as she is excellent and is very kind and funny.  It was nice to have a massage without pressure to purchase products, etc.

Excursions:  Excursions are not included in your vacation but they handle them beautifully. 

On a whim, Mike and the girls wanted to go to YS Falls and within 30 minutes Percy picked them up in the Bluefield's Van.  Carmen, the Manager, charged the villa for the excursion so they barely had to take
any cash.  No worries!   Bluefields even arranged for a guide to take our family up the falls and stopped for some Jamaican Patties and fruit.  Percy even introduced us to the owner or YS Falls, Simon Browne.  Upon arrival, please ask for additional offerings so you can experience more of Jamaica.

YS Falls is in St Elizabeth Parish.  The trip to YS Falls took a little less than an hour.  On the way there, Percy told us about every village and town we went through.  You’ll see local fisherman and farmers selling their food alongside the road.  On the way back, we stopped to buy some honey bananas (smaller than the regular bananas and sweet) and Sweet Sop.  The Sweet Sop was tasty and very interesting.  You break open the fruit and eat the white meet inside.  The seeds inside are discarded.  We also stopped and got a Jamaican Patty on the way home.  Normally, Bluefields will pack you a lunch to take with you, but because this was last minute, they didn’t have time.  We had the patties and a late lunch.

When you arrive at the falls, they take you up in a Jitney pulled by a tractor.  Your driver will bring towels.  You can bring your backpack and other things with you on the Jitney.  I don’t remember seeing lockers, but you can keep your things with the driver.  Your driver will also pack a cooler for you and if you like, take the cooler up to the falls.  They also have bathrooms with environmentally friendly toilets.  The tractor takes you up to the falls.  The falls has a store where you can buy drinks, food, and souvenirs.  There are two pools, one cool and one warm (although it wasn’t that warm).  There are a couple of spots you can go up the falls.  They also have a couple of rope swings.  All of these things are included in the admission.  The cost is $15 per adult and $7 per child.  Tubing is $6 per person.  We did the Canopy Ziplining which was $42 per adult & $20 per child.  You can pay this at the office with credit card, however, be warned, if it is raining, the credit card may not work.  So, you’ll want to bring cash.  You’ll also want to bring cash for tips. 

The canopy tour starts with them giving you an orientation and getting the gear on you.  They take you up a series of steps to the first line.  It takes you across the falls and is almost horizontal, so you don’t need to break.  The 2nd one takes you up the side of the falls.  The 3rd one is the best.  It take you down the falls directly over them.  As I went down, I spun around and could see the falls.  It was awesome!  And because it was raining, we went even faster.  There are 5 lines.  The last one is at a pretty steep angle and they break it for you.  It is fun and they are very safe. 

After ziplining, we met Ninja, he is the guide that Bluefields sets up for their guests.  He took us to the rope swing.  You stand on steps hold on tightly with both hands and lift your legs.  As you swing out, they tell you when to let go.  Then you drop into the falls.  The water was not very cool.  Because it was raining, it was not clear.  Normally, the water is as clear as pool water.  The girls decided not to do the falls, but Ninja would have taken us to the falls also.  Because of the rain, we decided to go to the warm  spring.  It was not hot, but was warmer than the other pool.  All in all it was a fun day. 

We left at 10:45 and were back by 3pm, but they open at 9:30, so you could leave as early as 8:30 and come back when they close at 3:30pm. 

Sea Kayaking:   Today, Mike and our older three kids went out on one of their sea kayaks. The kayaks are complimentary for the villa guests and they had great fun navigating the calm waters.  They have life vests (which I’d recommend even if you are a good swimmer).  It was very nice being on the kayak.  We kayaked along the coast up as far as Milestone.  It was very relaxing and fun for the kids.

Snorkeling:   The South Coast offers decent snorkeling and an interesting assortment of sea life.  Equipment can be borrowed free of charge and they have a wide variety of sizes, they were able to meet the needs of our family.  They can also arrange for you to go on a snorkeling or diving trip. 

Tennis:  The villas have use of a newly resurfaced, Laykold competition sized tennis court.  Bring your racquet and balls and get ready to practice your game.  Our daughter Karlin plays competitively in Junior USTA matches so we hope to get her there before the end of the trip.

Hiking:  Each morning, at 7:30 am, a guide meets at the tennis courts for a hike up the nearby Bluefields mountains.  Mike and Madison joined the group this morning and were impressed by the views and birds that they saw.  They were joined by the couple next door in Cottonwood Cottage so had lovely company as always.  The hike takes about an hour to an hour and a half.  They take you up a path through a small community of houses and then hiking about the mountain.  There are some steep spots, but not too challenging.  Along the way, there are some beautiful views, but the top as the best views of all.  You can see all of Bluefields Bay and it is beautiful.  They also take you to a house of a local man, Bob who will show you his house.  He has a little bar in the bottom floor and he also shows you old tools and things they used to use, like a brush made from a coconut husk.  He does not have electricity or running water.  All the water he has comes from the rain catcher or brought up the mountain by donkey.  If you go on the hike, I would bring a few dollars to give to Bob as a tip.  On this hike, they had a van take us part way up and picked up my daughter and the other guests.  I walked the rest of the way down.  The people I met on the path were very friendly.  I didn’t stop and talk to them, but I’m sure they’d talk to you if you engaged them in conversation.  It is a very safe area. 

So much to do, so little time.  Tomorrow we are hoping for better weather, so we can participate in the photo shoot that has been taking place this week.  Thanks for reading and we look forward to sending you to one of our favorite resorts soon.