"Amy's flawless and extremely pleasant service has been amazing to deal with A perfect example is when I saw the infamous 50% price drop. By the time I realized what had happened and emailed Amy about it, she just replied "No worries, I've already taken care of it for you! Watch your email for an updated invoice." Now THAT, my friends, is SERVICE. Many other TA's would have just left it alone, keeping the commission on the extra $800+. Not Amy." 

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Hilary and Brad Westerville, OH



Excellence Group Exclusive Event

Posted: September 15 2014
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Last week, Dream Makers Vacation Services traveled to The Medieval Times in Maryland for an Exclusive Event with Excellence Resorts.


Mike’s Excellent Vacation to Excellence Playa Mujeres in Mexico!

Posted: July 06 2008
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Mike McHugh, Co-owner of Dream Makers Vacation Services, travels to Mexico to do site inspections of various resorts!