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Steve & Heather Harris from CA

GIVC Awards 2013 - El Dorado Royale - Day 3

Posted: November 15 2013
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Today we started off the day with a Marketing Meeting in the Grand Ballroom at the El Dorado Royale. At this meeting learned a lot about the Karisma properties and even learned about two new properties that are coming to the Karisma family. The first resort is going to be located in Croatia and the other will be located in Columbia. This is big news and was just announced today to the agents at this meeting. The resort in Croatia will be called Kalamota Island Resort and the resort in Columbia will be called Allur Chocolata which is expected to open December 2013. Kalamota Island Resort will not be Gourmet Inclusive but it will have a total of 144 rooms. 

After the meeting, we boarded the shuttle and headed over to Generations Riviera Maya which is right beside the El Dorado Royale. This property is in the process of being built, and we even got a sneak peak of a Swim Up Suite and a One bedroom Suite. This property is family friendly and will include 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites. This property is perfect for families who are attending destination weddings at El Dorado Royale. There are four bars and four restaurants at this resort.

After viewing Generations Riviera Maya, Mike and I headed to lunch at Sante Fe for the GIVC lunch. This lunch was for all agents who were attending the GIVC awards. The lunch consisted of a variety of courses. We enjoyed venison, salmon, scallops and a delicious Tomato Jam dessert. The lunch lasted about 2 hours and even had a mariachi band for everyone to enjoy.
After lunch, Mike and I headed back to our rooms to relax before heading to the cocktail party at El Dorado Maroma. Once we arrived at El Dorado Maroma, we were seated at one of the tables that were decorated according to the different destination wedding themes. The theme of our table was Chic Boutique. All of the tables had a different theme and honestly, they all looked amazing. For dinner, we had Chile Poblano with chorizo crumble and Petit filet mignon with filet of sole with potato and sweet corn sauce.

After dinner, we went to Bar Las Guacamayas and enjoyed a few drinks before heading back to our rooms for the night.
Be sure to stay tuned to hear about the exciting adventures that will lead up to the awards ceremony tomorrow evening!