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Nickelodeon Resort Punta Cana Visit - October 2016

Posted: October 18 2016
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We booked private transfers through Olympus.  They have clean vehicles, friendly service, and they were on time.  The vehicles have wifi too.


We received a warm welcome from the General Manager, Sales Manager, Hotel Manager, and our butler.

The Pineapple Villa
We are in The Pineapple.  It is an amazing 2300 ft.² villa.   It has two bedrooms, a two-story living room, three full bathrooms, an outdoor shower & soaking tub, and a large infinity pool.  The entryway is a large pineapple, from SpongeBob and has furniture, TV, and Gary (SpongeBob' pet snail) just like SpongeBob's Pineapple Under the Sea.  The master bedroom has a king size bed, a flat screen TV, and a view of the stone garden.  The master bathroom has double vanity, a rainfall shower, toilet, and leads to the patio with an outside shower, large soaking tub, and another stone garden.

The living room is a large two-story living room. It has a table and four chairs, a flat screen TV, and the sofa. The sofa is a folds out into large bed (queen sized).  It has a really cool hanging chair that is comfortable and fun to sit because you can swing around.  The living room has a staircase that leads to the second loft bedroom on the second level. The kids bedroom has two double beds and is decorated in the SpongeBob theme. They also have a bathroom that has a rainfall shower, a single vanity, and a toilet.  The kids room has a resort view.  Off the living room, is a third full bathroom. It has a double vanity, a stand up rainfall shower, and toilet.  There is plenty of storage space in the suite.

The decor throughout the villa is SpongeBob. For example, the living room has a porthole with water that bubbles through to make it look like you are under the sea.  This is similar to the Super Villas, but The Pineapple is the only one on the property.

And the best part of the Villa is the large infinity pool.  It has 4 lounge chairs, plus a table & 4 chairs, and a stone garden.  There are plenty of umbrellas.

The living room and master bedrooms have sliding glass doors that will open the entire way to have an indoor/outdoor space.  The villa has a sound system that allows you to play music in the living room, master bathroom, and outside at the pool.

The villa has L'Occitane products.  Toothbrush and toothpaste; shaving kit; shower cap; vanity set; shoe mit; sewing kit; lip balm; hand lotion; and a bath bomb.

The Pineapple and Super Villas have a music system.  You can connect to your iPhone or other device with an aux cord.   You can choose to play the music in the living room, master bedroom, outside tub area, or at the pool.  We loved this option.  We could play the music we like and have a lot of fun swimming.

Every night and a couple of mornings, we would swim in the pool and then go to the soaking tub and have a bubble bath.  When we ran out of bubble bath, our butler brought more.

Butler Service
The villa comes with butler service.  You have your own personal butler, who will take care of all your needs.  You can message him for anything that you need. He will arrange dinner reservations, arrange activities and excursions, and dinner on the beach.

We were surprised with the turndown service.  They left us treats and Sutton got a backpack with 3 pairs of green sunglasses.

Other Rooms
The Sales Manager, Maritza, Resort Manager, Chrystian, and Director of Operations, Enrico, gave me a tour of all the other suites.  They are very nice, even the lowest room category.  You have the option of a swimout, a plunge pool on the balcony, multi-bedroom suites, and some are large enough for up to 8 people.

Please contact Dream Makers Vacation Services to help you decide which room category is right for you.  Request for a Quote here or call 1-888-449-3563

Activities & Entertainment

They have one main pool and a few smaller pools.  Every building has a lagoon pool that is accessed by the first floor swimout rooms.

Slime time
They do slime time twice a day.  If you sign up, you sit on a bench and then get slimed with green colored water.  It washes off as soon as you get in the water.   They make a big deal of it, dancing and interviewing the guests.  Then once a day, they do a mass sliming where they fill the giant bucket in the waterpark with green water and slime the waterpark.  They made a big deal of this and get as many people as they can under the slime area.

Pictures with Characters
There were various opportunities to see the characters and get pictures.  The characters are only available at certain spots at certain times—they do not walk around the resort.  We saw SpongeBob, Patrick, and Dora & Boots.

Kids club
We only used the kids club once while I was visiting all the room categories.  The kids club has a ball pit with slide, arts & crafts, video games, and a lot of toys.  The kids club is for children 4-12, but the club itself seems more suited to younger children.  Sutton who is 8 was the oldest one there, but that could have been because of those traveling at the time.



They have waterpark on this resort.  It is a short walk or quick shuttle ride to the water park.  The waterpark has 3 medium slides, a lazy river, a number of areas that spray, and various buckets that dump.  The kids can direct spray from guns and turn on and off water with valves.  There is a big bucket that dumps every couple of minutes.  The waterpark is open 9am-5pm.  They have a restaurant and bar service.  Servers walk around the pool to get drink orders.  They were very friendly.


The beach is nice. It has a nice soft, tan sand.  The beach goes for miles.  The water is clear, but when we were here it was a little rough. That can be fun too.  There are plenty of beach chairs and they also have beach beds which you can reserve. 


The sea was somewhat rough because of a recent hurricane.  Sutton had fun playing in the waves and having them chase him.  Others were body surfing or using boogie boards.  The resort offers boogie boards, mask & fins, and hobbie cats free of charge.  You can also book scuba diving (which leaves right from the beach) and other excursions for an extra charge.

The resort has a lot of activities for teens and adults.  They have basketball courts, soccer field, 2 tennis courts, and an archery range.  All of this is included.  They have archery 2 times a day.  I tried archery one morning.  It was a lot of fun.  They supply the equipment including safety equipment and give you instructions.  There were 2 other people at the time.  The instructor gave us games to play and compete.


The service at the resort is really good.  A couple of things that stand out:

When we were at the beach, Sutton was trying to build a sandcastle with his hands.  A beach attendant offered him two shovels and two buckets.  He was very nice.  Then Sutton lost them in the ocean as a wave hit.

Another beach attendant offered balloons that Sutton & I filled with water.  We were able to play catch with them in the pool.  Then we brought it back to the pineapple and payed with it more in our pool.

Another example of excellent service.  Sutton and I were hungry and wanted to eat at a Restaurant, but it was only open until 10.  We were told that Sugarcane was open until 11.  We went there just after 10 and they said they are closed.  They would not let us in.  So we went to BRGRS.PH.  They were also closed, but the person at the door said they would check if they could make a another burger for us.  He came back and let us in.


Space walker is the unique restaurant that they say serves interstellar cuisine.  The servers are dressed in space suites and the restaurant looks like it is the inside of a space station.  The menus are etched plastic that is lighted.  The food was pretty good and served like you were on space station.  For example, some of the food is cooked in a bag.   They also give you a spray bottle they contains liquid salt.   Sutton had mac & cheese and I had beef carpaccio, salad, beef soup, beef tenderloin, beef stroganoff In a bag.

Wok Wok
We ate at Wok Wok the first night.  It is a Japanese restaurant. They do not have a hibachi grill.  The food is good.   Sutton got the Thai Street Rice Paper Roll.  I got the Su Mi Geng (chicken & sweet corn soup), Beef Satay, and Szechuan Fried Beef.  I also had some sake that was pretty good.

We ate lunch at Fresco the day we arrived.  It was quick, easy, and tasty.  I had the beef tacos and Sutton had Mac & Cheese.  Both were very good.  It is next to a small pool that is connected to one of the lagoons.  It also has a swim up bar. 

Aqua Bite
Aqua Bite is the restaurant at the water park.  They have hamburgers, flat bread pizzas, wraps, and chicken wings.  They have cool seats that are suspended from the ceiling so they can swing.  We ate here twice.  We had wings, cheeseburger, and pizza.  All were good. 



This is another unique restaurant.  It has a huge food truck in the middle where the cook the burgers.  We both got cheese burgers.  You could get a giant burger and fries that you can share with the entire table.

Verdello is a Sicilian restaurant.  They start with a loaf of flat bread with olives, tomatoes, and capers.  They include cheese and olive oil.  The cheese is very fresh and tasty.

Sutton had Fettuccini Alfredo and I had fried Risotto, Marinated vegetables, Fava soup, Tagliatelle with beef, Veal Marsala.  I thought the food was really good.  You could also get house-made lemoncello, for after dinner.

We ate breakfast at Sugarcane one morning.  It is buffet and was good.  They have a variety of options including the kids corner.

After the Glow Party we went back to Sugarcane for a 2nd dinner.  They serve a buffet.  They had numerous salad and hot foods, including made to order pasta, made to order burrito or taco, and sushi.  They had a tequila tasting section with Don Julio Anejo & Reposado.

We ate lunch at Lighthouse on Weds.  It is buffet and included a variety of salads and hot foods.  They also had grilled meats.

Room Service
We got breakfast in the villa twice during our stay.  We arranged it with our butler the night before.  We asked for it to be there at 8am and it was there at 8am both mornings.  They set it up outside by the pool.   We had bacon, hash browns, fruit, pancakes, and muffins.

One night we ordered desert from room service.  They brought it in 5 min.  By the way, they do not put wine in the room, but you can order wine from room service.

Once night we ordered Mac & cheese and tomato bisque.  They said it would take 40 min and it was pretty close to 40 min.  We ordered around 10pm.

Vino Vino
Vino vino is a piano bar.  They have wine and a piano player and other entertainment at night. It is adults-only at night.

I highly recommend Nickelodeon Punta Cana for families looking for a luxury vacation with a lot of fun things to do for the kids.  Even the lowest category rooms are nice and they have a number of options for families larger than 4.  The food is good and there are a number of restaurant options.  The entertainment is good.

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