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Sandals Royal Plantation-Day 3

Posted: October 19 2010
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Sandals Royal Plantation-Day 3:


Today I spent the morning at the Red Lane Spa and received a Caribbean Tea Body Scrub by Kamiel.  My skin looks refreshed and healthy again.  On both of the treatments that I had, Kamiel went over the allotted time with me which is par for the type of personalized service that this resort is known for.

Have I mentioned the Beach Butler Service here?  Adrian is the Beach Butler and he is known for taking care of any request on the beach.  Two times a day they serve their famous mangosas and also provide guests with a rose water cooling mist.  Cucumbers for the eyes are a treat for the guests as well and a few days a week, the therapists on the spa will give 5-10 minute complimentary foot massages.  Of course, Adrian serves food and drink requests from the Beach Grill as well.  Life is good!

Our Sandals/Beaches Business Development Manager, Maurizia Stock, arrived today as part of the focus group that we are participating in.  She is a wealth of information and is delightful company.  We spent time at the Manager’s Cocktail Party (great Sangria and Rum, Peter Fraser, joined us for some great conversations and laughs.  I have spoken with Peter on some of the re-branding changes and feel that with him at the helm, this will continue to remain a very special resort for guests. There are a few small things that I do not like (more signage than before, etc.) but the “core” of the resort remains the same, which is understated luxury combined with excellent service and personalized attention.

Some of you have asked about the weather…  The day that I arrived, the weather was cloudy but warm.  Well, the past few days it has been about 85 degrees each day and has been sunny and warm.  Except for a 1 hour shower yesterday, the sun is out in full force and it is a great time to visit Jamaica.

I am off to breakfast but will share more soon.  Thanks for reading!