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Sara Baker travels to El Dorado Maroma - Day 2

Posted: October 04 2013
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Today was day 2 of my Riviera Mayan adventure.  When reflecting on the day the only word that comes to mind is WOW!  I got up this morning and got to test out the outdoor shower in my room.  This was really neat and got my morning off to the right start.  I arrived in the lobby to meet Grecia from the sales department here at Maroma.  We reviewed my itinerary for the day and I set off with my great driver for the day, again from Lomas Travel.  

My first stop was the Azul Beach hotel.  This hotel is for all ages and a boutique style hotel similar to El Dorado Maroma.  I arrived in the lobby and was graciously greeted with a refreshing aromatic cool towel and their blue frozen signature drink (nonalcoholic of course as I was working).  It is impossible to describe all the great things at this hotel, but I will highlight a couple of my favorites.  This hotel really caters to young children and has a great partnership with Fisher Price.  If you have children age 5 or younger, this is the perfect hotel for you.  It is a smaller hotel so you never have a long walk to anything.  For a smaller hotel though, I was impressed with the number of different pool areas.  There is even a good sized hot tub the kids are allowed in.  Back home my kids are never allowed in the hot tubs anywhere, so I know they would be ecstatic and spend lots of time in there.  Even better for parents is the large hot tub location still has a great view of the ocean! 

There were a couple other things that stood out to me at the Azul Beach.  First, the restaurants just seemed to sparkle.  They were amazing spaces with intricate details everywhere.  Second, the family swim up rooms at this property really impressed me.  Just a personal preference, but I typically wouldn’t book a swim out suite for my family.  At Azul Beach though, I absolutely would.  It had a large deck with individual lounge chairs and a huge round deck bed.  Great for parents to sip coffee on in the morning when your kids are ready to swim at 7am and you just aren’t quite ready for the water yet.  The deck area was gated though and had a safety lock.  If your kids are magicians like mine were at a young age though, I might throw in a small bike lock with a combination.  This would just give you the extra security and peace of mind as the lock the hotel had on was just a slider type. 

Up next was the Azul Sensatori.  Again, amazing hospitality and amenities come to mind when thinking about this hotel.  This is the larger of the Azul properties, so with that comes some great areas for younger kids, teenagers and adults.  This hotel has a separate building for everyone.  There is a family building, the azul building for everyone, a premium building for everyone and the adults only building.  The premium rooms are almost the same as the azul and family building rooms, they just come with extra amenities such as a pillow menu, your choice of in room aromatherapy and beach butlers.  My favorite rooms at this property were the Family Fisher Price suites (see picture) and the Honeymoon Beach Front Rooms.  The honeymoon beach front rooms came with an amazing view of the water and a really large deck right over the beach.  Both of these categories book up quickly, so reserve with your dream agent asap. 

Sensatori has 6 restaurants and 8 bars with a very cool themed Mojito Bar for the adults.  You will not go hungry at this resort!  What also stood out to me at the Sensatori was the fantastic fitness and spa area.  Tony showed me around the facilities and I instantly wanted to get my tennis shoes for a workout, then head down the hall to the spa, for the water journey and a massage.   Sadly, time didn’t allow today, but I will certainly be back!  The spa at all the Azul properties even had rooms themed for little girls and little boys! 

Last but certainly not least, I got to tour the Azul Fives a little further south near Playa del Carmen.  This property is the only one that offers both the European Plan and the All Inclusive plan.  There are full modern gourmet kitchens in the rooms and you have the choice of a deluxe room, one, two or three bedroom suite.  The rooms at this hotel do not face the ocean, but they are centered around a long large pool and you will have a pool or garden view.  There is then another large pool near the ocean, where despite the rain there was a small crowd at the swim up bar and in the pool.  I wanted to go join the fun! 

One really neat feature of this property were the sky suites.  The rooms had 2 floors with the bedroom or living area on the lower level and then a rooftop terrace on the second floor.  These terraces are HUGE and come complete with a full size hot tub for 6, BBQ Grill, full dining table and lounge chairs.  This property would be a fantastic choice for a group of adult brothers and sisters traveling together with their families.  I could just picture the fun my husband’s brothers and sister would have with their families up on this terrace! Finally, this property is on a wonderful stretch of beach with the turquoise blue waters of playa del Carmen!

All of the Azul hotels I visited today have a very clean, luxury and modern feel to them.  This is in contrast to my overall feeling at El Dorado Maroma, which is a more Balinese, spa and tropical feel.  Both are fantastic but just different. 

There were a number of amenities available at all the Azul hotels that I will highlight here.  First, for parents of young children there is no need to pack any of the extras that can make you feel like you are moving the whole house to the vacation destination.  All of the Azul hotels will supply parents with baby monitors, bottle warmers and sterilizers, Gerber baby food, pack and plays, strollers, fisher price toys, baby bathtubs and changing tables.  Having had infants myself in the last few years, I couldn’t think of anything they forgot.  What impressed me the most was the quality of the products.  In fact, they even have what I would consider real cribs in the rooms.  Many hotels just have pack and plays available and those of you with infants know your babies don’t always sleep great in those!  Only the best at Azul Hotels.   

Next, the properties have great My Gym play areas for babies, toddlers and elementary school age kids.  Great for the possible rainy days!  There is free child care provided for children age 4-12.  If kids are younger than 4 you either need to stay with your child and enjoy the kid areas or you can hire a babysitter, while you enjoy some adult time! I was amazed at all the free crafts included for kids.  My kids would have really enjoyed the piñata making!  Finally, teens can be a tough age group to make happy, but the Azul properties thought of it all.  The Breeze Teens Clubs have Play Stations, Wii, air hockey and pool tables and even computers for keeping up with their Facebook pages! 

All the Azul properties would make amazing destination wedding venues.  Grandparents to babies can all stay at one hotel and take part in the wedding festivities.  Each hotel has a variety of reception and ceremony venues.  My favorite were the trademark Sky Wedding locations at each property.  They were private, but still had an amazing view of the beach and ocean.  I could imagine family and friends talking for years to come about the amazing view at the bride and groom’s destination wedding.

Thanks for reading and please contact your dream agent with any additional questions.  More to come…