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Ryan and Jen, Florida

Zoetry Agua Punta Cana - Day 2

Posted: July 03 2014
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Today begins our second day at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana and we started the morning off with a walk around the beautiful grounds. We stopped at Coco Cafe which serves coffee, tea and pastries. After grabbing a coffee to go we headed back to our room for a romantic breakfast arranged by Willyn, our personal concierge. It was set up on our patio overlooking the ocean and they even brought flowers and champagne. The breakfast was wonderful and included local specialties such as mangoo which consists of boiled plantain and spices. We also had fresh mango which is in season locally so it was delicious. After breakfast we mentioned that we wanted to try some local dishes and Willyn told us he would set something up and to meet him at the Indigo restaurant for lunch.

We hung out on the wonderful beach and then dressed and headed to Indigo to meet Willyn.
We assumed it would just be a special menu but we underestimated our new friend. We were immediately escorted to a table on the beach with our own personal waiter, Daniel. We were then introduced to the chef, Cesar, who prepared our special meal. We were treated to a beautiful meal consisting of chips, guacamole, soup, paella, shrimp, mussels and mangoo. We had a wonderful pear soaked in special local juices for dessert. I must say everything was fantastic and did not disappoint. After lunch we took a walk on the endless beach and then relaxed in the sun for the rest of the afternoon.

Before dinner we took a dip in our personal jacuzzi and enjoyed the sunset. We headed to Piragua for dinner which offers creole fusion cuisine. Based on the time of year and occupancy of the resort they only open certain restaurants each night. They have a total of 4 a la carte restaurants on property. There are no buffets here as Zoetry focuses on gourmet freshly prepared food. We had stuffed chicken and angus fillet followed by strawberry cake for dessert. Once again it was delicious as expected. We wandered the beautiful property and upon returning to our suite we had yet another surprise waiting for us. There were flower petals strewn across the room and bed leading to a bubble bath. The perfect end to a perfect day. The day we arrived Willyn said I am going to make this a trip of a lifetime for you and so far it has been just that. More from paradise tomorrow as we visit 3 more beautiful properties. Contact your favorite dream agent to book your upcoming dream vacation to paradise.