"we'll definitely use you again for our next vacation! smile Thanks for the perfect honeymoon!" 

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Betsy & Warren Parks

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Marc Senciboy & Stephanie Arnold
Dream Destination Wedding
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 2:00 pm
Sandals Antigua
Our Story
Stephanie Dennis Arnold
Stephanie is always on the go! Between her 3 children, full time job as a RN, and part time job as a photographer, her life is a ball of chaos - but she loves every minute of it! She enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and friends, photography, Alabama football, and of course - SHOPPING!
David Marc Senciboy
Most people know Marc as "Mooky". Many who don't know him very well may describe him as "the quiet type" - but his friends will tell you differently! He enjoys spending time with his 2 boys, church related activities, sports, and Auburn football.
Stephanie Arnold & Marc Senciboy
Stephanie and Marc were introduced to each other by their mutual friends, Frank & Casey Crumb. The first time they met each other in person, Marc cooked dinner at Frank & Casey's house. Stephanie wouldn't speak to him or even look in his general direction after their initial meeting because he was being so quiet - she thought he didn't like her! He finally worked up the nerve to talk to her as the evening came to an end - and the rest is history! Marc knew when she left that night that she was THE ONE. It only took him a week to convince her that he wasn't crazy! They spent every single day together after their first meeting and were engaged within a month. They feel that God had a hand in their relationship from the very beginning and are excited to begin their new life together.