Our Story

Amy & Mike McHugh were married in 1995. At the time, Amy was an elementary school teacher with years of caring for children and their parents. This translates to great care for our clients and building close relationships with resort management & staff. Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and his MBA from Penn State University. He worked for 20 years as a Mechanical Engineer designing high-speed assembly machines and project management. His attention to detail ensures that groups are managed and organized so that nothing is missed. You wouldn’t think an Engineer would be good at sales, but Mike recommends based on each client’s wants & needs.

We built the agency by bringing in Agents and Associates to grow Dream Makers Vacation Services to be the agency is it today. Over the years, we’ve earned many National and International awards from our resort partners & suppliers.

Dream Makers Vacation Services is one of the fastest growing travel agencies in the United States.