We went to Europe for three weeks in May 2024 on a workation. We also were able to do this on a reasonable budget, so it can be done.  

Getting There:

We flew out of JFK, as it had more flight options. We wanted to fly a cheaper airline on our way there so we flew Level which is powered by Iberia. It was definitely a budget experience and was not very comfortable, However it got the job done and we arrived on time. Once we arrived at the airport, it was about a 45 minute taxi to the hotel. They do not have many Ubers (none at all really) in Barcelona and most people take taxis if they’re available or their subway system. 

Location & Weather:

Barcelona was much larger than we thought and while our hotel was in the city, it was definitely a further walk from most things we wanted to see (about an hour). Our hotel was located in Gracia Nova, and I would recommend staying more towards the water as that is where more of the sights are. We were there the first week of May and it was fairly windy and not quite beach weather yet so if you are looking to go to the beach there, definitely look at going later in the month. 

Things to See: 

Basílica de la Sagrada Familia

Mercat de la Boqueria

Park Güell

Casa Batlló


Most of the churches and famous buildings in Barcelona you do not need to purchase tickets or anything to see them. The one place where we did purchase tickets was Park Guell and I highly recommend going there and purchasing your tickets for around sunset. There were a lot of very steep hills so definitely dress for hiking. 




Our favorite part of Barcelona was by far the nightlife. We went to Opium and Pacha while we were there and were some of the best clubs we have ever experienced. We didn’t have enough time while there but we also heard great things about Razzmatazz and Shôko. People start to go out around 11:30-12 AM and go all night. There were people of all ages and as girls we didn’t have to pay a cover for anywhere which was really nice. At any given night of the week there are always people partying and it is definitely a fun city. We also saw lots of bachelor and bachelorette parties.




We had a lot of fun in Barcelona and it was a great way to start off our trip. Food and drinks and the overall cost of things in Spain are much cheaper than other countries we visited in Europe. Barcelona was a beautiful vibrant city with a lot going on and would definitely recommend it, especially for a younger group looking to celebrate!  It’s not too early to start planning for 2025 High School and College Graduation trips (and many other celebrations) so please reach out to us today, to explore the possibilities. 


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