Let’s Go to St. Martin & Anguilla

Your guide to the best Caribbean island hopping experience.


A two-for-one kind of vacation sounds pretty good, right? These two islands are quite the pair and we’re here to provide you with some insight on these two amazing destinations. Make sure to read all the way through for an extra tip on how to make it a THREE-FOR-ONE vacation in the Caribbean.



St. Martin

St. Martin Island is located in the Caribbean and features two prominent and distinct sides: the French side and the Dutch side—both with their own unique accommodations, dining options, and activities! Check out some highlights from each side:

The French Side

The Dutch Side

St. Martin would be one heck of a vacation, and it would only be the first part of the trip. It’s time to hop across the channel to Anguilla!



If you pulled up a map already, you’ll see that Anguilla is extremely close to St. Martin—and it really does make for an awesome second half of your vacation. This will make your two-for-one vacation complete! Just remember, it’s technically a different country, so some special accommodations for travel will have to be made. Lucky for you, that’s what we’re here for!


The Highlights

Anguilla is the best way to make your trip to the Caribbean even better and our team knows these islands well. We’re happy to connect you with all of the must-dos on your next vacation!


Extra Pro-Tip:

We promised. Make your Caribbean trip a three-for-one vacation by adding St. Barts Island to the list. You can easily fly to St. Barts from St. Martin to find high-end shops and Nikki Beach for cocktails and lunch.

We’ll help you plan it all out—your only job is to simply click here.

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