My best friend and I spent three nights in Paris, France in May 2024 and had the most amazing time. This was our first trip to Paris and here’s how it went.


Location & Weather:


We flew into Charles de Gaulle airport from Spain on Air France. From the airport to the city it is about forty-five minutes and we were able to call an Uber for around 50$. In Paris Ubers are readily available and we primarily used Ubers and walking for transportation.


While in Paris we stayed at the Hotel Plaza Tour Eiffel in the Deluxe Room and loved our time there. The staff was very friendly and we felt very well taken care of. It is a smaller boutique hotel and was in a good location. Contrary to what people told us prior to Paris, the people were very nice. Neither of us spoke French, but knowing some simple greetings was definitely helpful and I would recommend learning a few before you go.


We were there in early May and the weather was relatively cold. We had to go purchase sweaters to wear around, I would definitely plan on going later in the year if you want it to be warmer.


Guided Tours & Exploring:


Paris is a beautiful city and just by walking around you view so many things. Everyday from sunset to 1am/2am the Eiffel tower lights up and it is so stunning, pictures do not do it justice. We would grab a blanket and a bottle of wine and would sit out on the grass watching it every night.



As for tours, we did a skip-the-line tour of the Catacombs, Seine river cruise, and a private guided tour of the Louvre.


The Catacombs were fascinating and something I think you need to do when visiting Paris for the first time. We had a ticket where we were able to skip-the-line which was great because the line was two hours long. We were then given head sets and were able to go through the Catacombs at our own pace which was very nice. However, if you get queasy easily you should opt out as there are a lot of bones and talk about death.


Our Seine river cruise was combined with our Catacombs ticket and we were given entry to the river cruise at whatever time we wanted that day. However just because you have a ticket, does not mean you can just get on. We had to wait about an hour for it to be our turn in line and then once you are on the Seine River Cruise it is a mad dash to get a seat with a good view. The views were pretty but I also think you can see the same views, and better, just by walking around Paris. If doing something on the Seine is of interest to you, I would go for a more private boat where you would have a much better experience.


Having a private guided tour of the Louvre was one of our favorite experiences in Paris. We did a private guided tour where we were met outside with a small group of 10 people and a guide and then we got to skip the line. We were given headsets and our guide would talk as we went through the museum, it was nice to be able to listen and just observe without feeling like you are missing anything or having to crowd around others to read. The Louvre was beautiful and if you have any interest in Art or Museums/History you will love the Louvre as it is the world’s largest museum.




All of the tours should be booked in advance as they do fill up and have no availability if you wait until you are there. Paying more for skip-the line & private guided tours was something that we never regretted and it just made the experience 10x better.  Please ask your agent for more information on this as we would love to ensure that you have access to the best excursions.


I have heard great things about Moulin Rouge but unfortunately we did not have enough time to go on this trip. I also would love to go see the Palace of Versailles next time, however that is a more of a whole day experience as you have to leave the city.




Paris had AMAZING food. We didn’t have a single bad meal in Paris. Lots of steaks, crepes, escargot, “French fries” and great bread. We had one of our favorite meals at Cafe Du Mexique. We had the Thai salad, Steak Tartare, and the steak of the day.





Paris was a beautiful city full of great food, shopping, and exploring and I am so excited to return someday.  As always, please reach out to reserve your next dream vacation.  We are here for you every step of the way!

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