Top 5 Things to Do in Costa Rica
Your guide to an unforgettable trip.

Oh, the beauty of Costa Rica. This gorgeous and breathtaking country in Central America has coastlines on both the Pacific and the Caribbean. Additionally, this country has so much to offer—from relaxation to adventure. Our travel team has put together our top 5 suggestions to get the most out of your Costa Rica trip. Get ready to unpack the best ways to fully immerse yourself in nature, adventure, and culture that you can only find in this one-of-a-kind destination.

You know the drill…read through, get inspired, and then connect with us to get the planning started for your next trip (hopefully to Costa Rica). Let’s dive in!

#1: Zipline Tours & Adventures
Ziplining is a must-do. Costa Rica offers many zipline adventure opportunities. Get ready to climb into the ancient forests and get an adrenaline rush like no other in the world. You’ll be able to take in the scenery, get a unique perspective on the rainforest, and maybe even see some exotic critters you’ve never seen in-person before. Don’t forget, just about every second of this adventure is Instagram worthy, so grab a GoPro and show off. Let our travel team know you want to zip through the trees—and we’ll make sure it’s on your itinerary.

#2: Chill with Sloths
If there is one creature in the world we could all take a cue from, it would be the sloth. In Costa Rica, sloths are just about everywhere, and we encourage you to carve out some time to chill with them. The best place to get your sloth on is the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica.

Just like other animal sanctuaries, the mission of this park is to provide a safe and healing place for orphaned or injured sloths, with the goal to eventually connect them back with their natural environment. Lucky for you though, that means you can spend a whole day exploring the sanctuary and meeting the resident sloths! It’s truly a unique activity for the entire family.

#3: Soak in the Hot Springs
Another unforgettable experience awaits at the hot springs. With our help, you could book a stay at Nayara Springs, an adults-only resort where you can enjoy a scenic view of the jungle as you slide into your very own plunge pool fed by natural mineral hot springs. Take it from us, the relaxing warm water and the rainforest backdrop make for both a romantic and relaxing experience. The hot springs are a great place to turn up the luxury on your next Costa Rica vacation!

#4: Explore Hanging Bridges
Costa Rica is the place where the view is worth conquering your fears! Hanging bridges are pretty self-explanatory—they are suspended above the rainforest to provide you with an eagle eye view from above. It might seem like a risky endeavor, but they are extremely safe…and so worth trying out! There are a few options in Costa Rica where you can access scenic hanging bridges, typically located in nature preserves, but we encourage you to explore Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges. At this reserve, you’ll find tons of different options for an adventure in nature—such as a scenic lake, hanging bridges, hiking trails, and unforgettable waterfalls.

#5: White Water Rafting
If you haven’t gotten the point yet, Costa Rica is THE place to get your adrenaline pumping and your adventure started. Our last suggestion tops it off because there really is no thrill quite like white water rafting in this destination. With a variety of options for all skill levels, you can rest assured that there’s a way to get out on the water for any type of vacation group, from families to experienced white water rafters. A lot of the options are situated near resorts or are affiliated with the resorts, so it’s easy to stick this one onto the itinerary…with minimal transfer time, too!

When you’re out on your excursion, you’ll get to explore the local waterways and take in the natural scenery. Around every corner, there will be something new to snap a pic of (if you can manage it while you paddle). Let our team connect you with the right option for your travel group and top off your adventurous retreat to Costa Rica.

Adventure Awaits
Don’t be a sloth when it comes to planning your action-packed vacation. Not to worry, we can also schedule some downtime to sip on a cocktail on the beach.  Your time in Costa Rica is just a few clicks away. Let our team do all of the footwork so that you can focus on all the exploring you’re going to do.

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